Happiness. Overwhelmed, not feeling quite yourself? Not living your life to the fullest?

Who is Stella Frances?

From: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
To: Lasting Happiness Engineer

Implementing Balance, Well-Being and Inner-Peace

My name is Stella Frances, mentor, coach and motivational speaker, the creator of THE PASSPORT and the Stella Notes Interactive Life Guides.  I am a Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer, DreamBuilder Certified Coach – and a business partner of Mary Morrissey, of LifeSOULutions, as well as a Certified Access Bars™ Practitioner with Access Consciousness.

As a personal and professional coach that has pulled through my own dark night of the soul, I know that life is more than our situations and circumstances.  We have control over our perceptions, which greatly shape the world around us. I have made it my mission to help others come to this same realization. I’m all about helping you shift from where you are to where you want to be.

My Why

It is my mission to help you achieve your goals and create a happy life by sharing the wisdom and tools I used to take control of my life and create my happiness. I firmly believe that everything you need to have a successful business and fulfilling, meaningful life is already within you. Together we can unlock your unique and powerful gifts.

The Past

Life events show up to help us grow beyond our comfort zones and limiting beliefs. What we choose to take away from these events determines who we become. I have known success and I have known failure. It wasn’t until I felt the most lost that my journey to self-discovery began.

The Now

Fast forward to today, I’m enjoying a more meaningful and fulfilling life than I ever thought possible and I get to help you find your true calling.

The Journey

What began as a journey to learn who I truly was eventually led me to become a certified personal and professional coach. There’s no telling where your journey will take you, but I would love to help you on your way.

And so I ask you…

What is the biggest challenge you’re facing? And what would you love to create? If this resonates with you I offer an INTRODUCTORY 30-min. DISCOVERY SESSION to see if we are a good fit. Trust me, I can help and at the very least give you some awesomely happy ideas. I’ve been there!

Don’t delay your happiness…

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Let’s Delve Deeper

How I really got my super powers…

If you’d like to read about my past and present adventures, you can click on the following links:



My Favourite Quote

I believe it is our birthright to be happy and to live a life of abundance” ~ Stella Frances

My Mission in Life

I teach you how to unlock your potential for happiness and success. My passion is to help people live a life they LOVE living and my goal is to bring to people the very best practices and strategies to increase their abundance in all areas of their lives.

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