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If you are scrambling to feel vibrant with limitless energy and exuberance for life on a day-to-day basis while you may be wrestling with a heavy workload, travel agenda, or debilitating sickness.

Know this… You are able to be vibrant, full of vigor, healthy and enthusiastic –  and live a rich, happy life while meeting all of your deadlines and maybe overpowering major health challenges.

Going through my life’s adventures, I experienced many interesting situations that even though they may have seemed rather challenging as they were happening, I learned that they were simply steps leading me to a deeper connection with my being, my soul.

These days I call life’s turbulences… “acquiring wisdom” and what better way to learn such thing called patience….Do you get my drift? I believe that you do…. for by the definition of being human I know you have had your fair share of challenges and circumstances to deal with in your life, that at times may have seemed as huge unbreakable walls…well to be honest with you…so did they for me …at the time.

Today, I have trained my brain to view things under different filters and lenses.  I am glad I have, that was my way of finding my happy. For the past ten years, I have attended many many classes, have read hundreds of books and devoted my life on the quest of experiencing authentic happiness and living and being in that space.


Stella Frances and Gary Douglas

One of the modalities I tried and worked really well for me was The Access Bars created by Gary Douglas.  One might call it a rather unusual name for a modality that quiets the mind and brings inner-peace. But none the less a very effective one. In fact, I so enjoyed and appreciated the benefits that I decided to study it and become a practitioner and facilitator myself.

I love helping people get out of the stress and anxieties of the day and into the zen-full energy and relaxation an Access Bars’ session offers.

I love to meditate and I find that an Access Bars session takes my Inner- Peace and relaxation to the next level.

I invite you to learn and explore this very calming and nurturing experience, for more information visit the Access True Happiness website!



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