Cinderella and the Coronavirus scare

What Cinderella has to do with the coronavirus?!

Old time tales carry wisdom hidden deeply within their words. Hundreds of years later they provide us with inspiration. I reach to them when I want to make sense of the world, especially at times of need or crisis. By doing so, I find it easier to understand, accept and show compassion.

So, let’s unpack Cinderella…

“Tale as old as time” rumor has it, a Greek version of this classic goes as far back as the 6th century BC!

She lives an unhappy life. Godmother offers her a gift. Cinderella accepts, agrees to terms and then she breaks her promise. At the midnight strike she was to be back home, but she wasn’t. 

The essence of the godmother lives deep within each one of us. Kind, loving, guiding, nurturing, generous, with an ‘everything is possible’ attitude. It is our innate wisdom.

For sure we all get busy and we let life take us down some difficult paths. We get absorbed into situations to the point where we stop listening to our inner voice. We ignore our intuition, the whisper of the quiet voice that nudges you to take a break or do something different supporting you through divine intelligence.

Whether it has to do with work or personal affairs, we often let our ‘carriage turn to pumpkin’ because we silence our inner guidance.

With this awareness, can you see where might you be holding yourself back by not following your hunches? And what would happen, if you were to shift, start listening and following your innervoice?

What would you create?

Expand your business, advance in your career, heal a relationship, better yet improve your relationship with yourself? What agreements do you make that you break? Imagine how much stress and anxiety would be removed if you stayed true to your voice, true to you.

When I worked in the IT industry, corporate Manhattan, as a systems engineer I was successful, financially speaking. Yet, not before long I experienced a rough burnout. Why? I let myself down. IT initially was my ticket to move out of a sad life. That was a great gift. However, I broke the promise to myself to keep me happy and healthy because the monetary gain was thrilling to my ego mind. I got tricked by distraction.

With time stress got me down because I ignored it. And even though I heard the clock strike 12, I kept pushing until I fell. And so, I lost my slipper. Luckily, I found myself again some years later. A bigger, better side of me emerged from the chaos.

How do we care for ourselves?

I am not suggesting a narcissistic approach here. Stocking up on toilet paper and sanitizer for sure is not the way either. We got to shift our perceptions and begin to look at things from a different angle. We got to nurture ourselves at every level, physical, mental and spiritual, so that we can peacefully withstand and overcome the big tickets like a COVID19 pandemic without fear. 

What would have happened if Cinderella had left at 11:30? If she hadn’t broken her promise? We shall never know. But what if she had told the prince, “I’m off now. I’d like to see you again; here’s my number let’s talk soon.” What would have happened then?

No crisis…

There would have been no need to panic and run off as if hunted, no stress, no embaressament, no fear. Above all, no time wasted looking for her. But instead. The shows up, they fall in love and live happily ever after. 

That easy?

Yes. What if life was meant to be easy rather an emotional roller coaster? For the most part we complicate matters and here’s why. Most of us don’t speak our truth because in a sense we forgot who we truly are. At a deeper lever we forgot how to love ourselves. What we see in the world is an extension of that. How can we love another if we don’t know how to love thyself?  

The solution…

Know who you are and be who you are.  you are a magnificent being with tremendous power (thought) to create anything you can imagine. 

It all depends where we stand in our way of thinking. What is your positioning? Half empty or half full? I shifted from the empty to the full, a while back. The “empty” thinking style was not serving me anymore. And you know something? …what if, we are supposed to experience the empty first so we can totally appreciate the full?

What do you think?

Are you ready for the shift?

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