Did you hear about the Matter of Happiness Affair?

“When you value yourself enough,
you make your happiness matter.”

-— Stella Frances

Just a quick note today to let you know of a super cool get-together event, I have planned for my tribe.

As you know, I love spreading words of happiness and hope and at the same time give you practical tools you can use to make a difference in your day.

You see, I am a true believer that motivation alone makes no difference in our lives. It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t last. It washes away after a bit, without returning our ideal results.  However, pair up self-motivation with right-action and you have your recipe for success!

This is why I soo enjoy helping people turn the intangible into tangible. Things like your ideas, your desires, your wishes, and even your big dreams. Don’t you think they deserve a chance to become your reality?

After all, happiness is but the journey of following your heart.

Nurturing your Happy-ness is totally up to you my happy reader

So, why not join me on cyber-space next Thursday for a 60-min break from the mundane?  If you’d like to attend it’s easy. You can sign up through the zoom link below. This, I offer for free because I see it as my gifting back to the community I so love and respect.

It is an opportunity for self-growth and success

During our get-together, I bring you the opportunity to learn and even master a new way of thinking about obstacles as you’re looking at your current challenges or difficult situations.

Are You Ready to Switch Your Happy On?

This could be your time. Now, you might be aware of the idea that individual effort/participation decreases as the group size increases, so keeping my groups to a small size has always been my preference. This way, as we get together, we can maintain a sense of deeper connection, support, intimacy, and personal growth. As always, there’s no pressure here my dear reader, but just to let you know space fills up quickly.

Here’s that link again I shared earlier…

Final thoughts…

“You have the inner-power to make peace with your mind,
even when you’re going through a crisis.”

Stella Frances

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