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Date: June 19, 2021
Location: Hilton Garden Inn Palm Beach Gardens

Believe in You, Again

4 Steps to Building Your Inner-Confidence

As human beings, we face many events in our lives that whittle away at our confidence over time. As we get older, we often find ourselves struggling to find the self-assurance we once had, and the ability to take on life’s challenges. In this enlightening, energetic and fun workshop I will show you how to regain your inner confidence so you can conquer each day with your head held high.

Henry Ford once said:  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can‘t –you’re right”

Here’s what you will discover in our time together:

  1. The power of believing in yourself
  2. How to find your inner-confidence
  3. Why being more confident will improve your life
  4. How to end procrastination and boost your self-esteem

Believing in oneself is one of the most important elements of finding true happiness, and like almost everything else it just takes PRACTICE! In this workshop, I will help you find the confidence that lives within you, and teach you how to sustain that confidence as you move forward in life. We’re all capable of achieving great things if we just believe in ourselves!

Stella says

This workshop is for you if…

  1. You’ are dissatisfied with where you are in your life
  2. You are procrastinating and not taking steps to achieve your goals
  3. You have a dream, an idea, an inspiration and need a blueprint to bring it to life

Commit yourself to a better life — a life of success, achievement, and fulfillment. Walk away inspired, with a smile in your heart and a skip on your step.

Attend this workshop, apply the learnings, and take your life to a whole new level.

What to expect: The workshop is highly energized, effective and includes a high proportion of experiential activities. Be prepared to change!

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Investment: $125Investment: $125Investment: $125Save



Investment: $125Investment: $125Investment: $125Save



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