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Date: October 15, 2021

Find Your true Happy

At a unique Retreat-by-the River

Let nature nurture your soul.
The ticket to happiness is hidden in your heart.

A Happy Life Starts From Within

Treat yourself with a break from the everyday grind and claim your innate Peacefulness and Happiness through Mindfulness and Playfulness.

Come discover the secret to happiness and let the magic of nature gift you with inner-peace, contentment, and renewed confidence.

Stress Less.  Feel Better.  Be Happier.

Come learn how to:

Live an intentional life.
Stay focused and on track.
Detoxify from technology.
Master being present.
Live on purpose.

Old Florida At It’s Best

Spend a weekend by the river and lose the worries and the stressors through nature walks, sharing delicious meals, lots of laughter, heartfelt and meaningful conversations by the campfire.

Bring your comfy clothes and the questions about your life you have no answers for. And let’s get you back to a Happier YOU via the path of nature.

Join me in the tranquility of the river, connect with your inner guidance system and gain the clarity you’re looking for.