Falling in Love with Life

The Wind of Change

Falling in Love with Life Again

Let go, believe all things are possible and fall in love with life. The world is turning. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the great adventure that which is called Life.  Live it, the best way you can.  I encourage you to step out of a resting state of existence and into a higher state of being.

Open up to Change.  Embrace it.  I dare you to jump out of the known and into the unknown and even for a moment -if you would- out of the physical and into the non-physical.  Get a glimpse, through your dreams of what else is possible.

Change.  Embrace it.  Is the wave of energy that comes to take you into your new future.  Awaken the power within and allow it to happen.  Turn the fear into excitement.  You’re not your past.  You are your now… make it worthy of you.  You are worthy of everything and more your imagination, your heart, your soul want to move you to.

Listen, listen to the quiet voice within you, prompting you to let go of the old and say Yes! Yes to you. Yes to a happier life. Let’s go the world is turning…it’s time for sure!

Aim for fun, for ease, for love, for peace.  It’s your birthright.  You’re here to play, to grow, to evolve.  Turn the knowledge from the past into your wisdom and turn your dreams about your future into present reality. 

It’s been said, if you can dream it, for sure you can live it.

With Love and Joy,

Stella xo


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