Words of Praise

Lasting Happiness

Stay positive, break the chains, be happy. Sandra E.



Listening to Stella’s information about change and happiness shifted my thinking to move forward in a positive way. Marty G.



Entertaining. Thought provoking. Soul searching.  Roy E.



Mind opening on Change. Ground breaking event.  Jeff B.



Stella glows. Happiness is the biggest gift and Stella is a “Happiness Generator”  Frannie S.



Learning about the stages of change helped me understand where I stand and what step to take next.  Thank you Stella.  Bill H.



Stella is awesome at helping improve…and we all have room for improvement.  Garry A.



Don’t miss the next one! Alan H.



I can’t imagine anyone that couldn’t learn and enjoy Stella’s presentation. Wonderful experience. Thank you “Happy” you are a gift to all of us.  Karin M. 



I learned why embracing change and practicing gratitude can help me be happy.  Niki G.


Choose to change your life starting today. Choose to put in place the support structures you need to make a difference in your life.  Cure yourself of LRS (Lone Ranger Syndrome) most of us suffer from and reach out for what you need to live a happier and more meaningful and fulfilling life. We are meant to be happy and we are not supposed to do it alone…we can’t do it alone.  I know this to be the truth. I tried it myself for years until I finally learned that to be happy and successful, I had to learn to reach out and ask for help.

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